Climate Crisis = Reality

A concern for the health of our planet is a part of our DNA, so attending Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training was critical to understanding the science behind climate change.

The Climate Reality Project’s mission is to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis through education and encouraging urgent action.

The Road to Paris, the organization’s latest, more urgent campaign is aimed at uniting citizens, corporations, and organizations to demand a global agreement to limit greenhouse gases at this December’s United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Conference of the Parties meeting in Paris (COP21).

We’ve made a commitment to act, to be a catalyst for change. We were honored to participate in the Climate Reality Leadership Training this past May where we spent three empowering and life-changing days in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with world-class scientists, strategists, communicators, and technical specialists learning about the science of climate change and the direct results on communities around the world.

A few takeaways:

  • We were super impressed by Al Gore’s passion, energy and in depth knowledge of the scientific and historic data on climate change
  • We enjoyed meeting an incredibly diverse group of Climate Leaders of mentors, speakers and attendees. – From students, farmers and filmmakers to builders, museum directors and professors from all over the world each was eager to learn and make a difference by helping spread word of the urgent need to change our path of destruction
  • We were surprised by the progress made by the state of Iowa in growing jobs in manufacturing by creating renewable energy sources which now supply 30% of the state’s energy with mostly wind and some solar

For a general overview on the climate crisis check out Climate Reality’s Climate 101.

Get involved. Be a part of the solution.