For a Cleaner Planet

It’s been a busy few – climate focused – weeks here at FutureAir. On September 21st, during Climate Week NYC, I hosted a lively discussion alongside architect and wind farm entrepreneur, Matthew Baird. Taking place at Civic Hall, we discussed data and presented dramatic images that depict the state of our climate. Matthew spoke about the success he has found in developing and selling renewable energy, in addition to running his successful NYC-based architectural practice.

Directly following my Climate Talk in NY, I went to Miami where I was honored to be a mentor at Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training. Covering topics such as climate science and climate crisis solutions, the three-day conference was filled to capacity with individuals and thought leaders from around the globe who wanted to learn more and take action.

With December’s Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris fast approaching, the conversation about our climate is heating up. I am pleased that this topic is getting more attention, with everyone from presidential candidates and the Pope, to businesses and policy makers getting involved.

Since the state of our climate is so top of mind, I thought I would briefly share an impactful life experience that provoked my concern for our planet and part of the inspiration behind FutureAir.

In 2014, I spent six transformative months living and working in Shanghai. I fell in love with the international metropolis and could not get enough of Chinese language and culture.

Despite my affection for the city, I simply could not understand how it could be commonplace for people to consult an outdoor air quality app, daily, to decide how much time they would spend outdoors. My disbelief was coupled with dismay at seeing so many facemasks as I explored the multicultural city. But what I grappled with most was witnessing the innocent kids who use them everyday, regardless of air quality, because they have grown so accustomed to wearing them.

Living in the United States, we are lucky that this is not our everyday reality. YET. It was from then on that I decided to take action and work to affect tangible change. My hope is for FutureAir to do its part to create a healthier home and cleaner planet.


by Simone Rothman

Oct 11 2015