FutureAir at New Lab

FutureAir recently made New Lab our permanent home and we could not be happier about it. Residing in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, New Lab is “a community of hardware-centric designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs leveraging advanced technologies to create meaningful new products” co-created by David Belt and Scott Cohen. Some of the most exciting aspects of the New Lab community come from Belt’s and Cohen’s commitment to thinking about what constitutes newness and innovation through history. The historical significance of New Lab’s site, a former machine shop for “every major ship launched during World Wars One and Two,” is such a part of its current mission as a manufacturing hub for hardware startups. The level of thought and detail in New Lab’s design continues to inspire for precisely this reason. Instead of being an environment that looks new now, New Lab has futurist elements from several historical periods, and it is one of the most user friendly environments we have ever been in.

by Francesca Michel

Mar 22 2017