Ross Lovegrove FORBES Feature!

Hot off the press!

Check out FutureAir co-founder, Ross Lovegrove’s feature on Forbes.com this past week. The article details Ross’s innovative perspective on the relationship between design and emerging technologies, drawing inspiration from “the logic and beauty of nature,” while also being “informed by a social and environmental consciousness”. Not only is Lovegrove’s design sense beautiful in its organic essentialism, but it is also always an answer to deeper questions about the “intelligent use of resources,” and the material value of technological advancement. As the article notes, Ross’ futurist perspective has ever-evolving manifestations in such creations as “the Sony Walkman, Apple Computers, KEF Muon loudspeaker, leather luggage for Louis Vuitton, and Swarovski Crystal Aerospace concept solar car.” The article ultimately culminates in a call to action, referencing Lovegrove’s work with FutureAir as an expression of his desire to protect the earth we live on today.

by Francesca Michel

Sep 14 2016