Sensor Spotlight: FutureAir at Atelier Ten

Earlier this month, FutureAir partnered with Atelier Ten, an international environmental design consultant and engineering firm, to install one of our pilot air quality sensing platforms into their New York office. Atelier Ten is highly committed to sustainable design in the built environment and as a result see the value in increasing indoor thermal comfort and air quality, making them an ideal pilot location.

FutureAir’s lab setup at Atelier Ten involves measuring temperature, humidity, particulate matter, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). By analyzing the data behind trends we see in the environment, we can develop meaningful and actionable insight. In addition to placing our sensing platform at Atelier Ten to collect data, we are also connected to the ceiling fans and will eventually connect to their Nest device. This will provide the control system needed to regulate the environment based on readings from the sensor, creating a full feedback loop for optimal thermal comfort and indoor air quality.